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18 February 2008 @ 08:21 pm
Jun Lozada, katakataka nga ang nangyari sa cellphone ng asawa mo!  
you expect me to believe your crap again?!
haha man you're starting to make me laugh!!!!
-na erase mga messages sa cellphone
-naiba yung mga dates ng ibang messages

dude, 10 years nako nagcecellphone.
sinong niloloko mo??
naiba ang dates???hahahahaha!!!!!
halatang halata na you're covering up your lies.
ganito lang yan...either you erased them yourself or the messages never really existed at all.
sisisihin mo pa ang phone company???or a hacker??
oh come on give me a break!!

as for the secret meeting, i am willing to believe na Neri said that GMA is evil.
but if it will be confirmed by Lacson and Madrigal, then there's no way in hell i would believe it.