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I'm just too freaking lazy to upload pix.

RayF got me thinking... we were making a list of guys who are potentially inlove with me last month and I was just laughing my ass off because he was serious about it and I was just going along with his idea. haha then suddenly, these guys that he thought of were actually inlove with me [or maybe infatuated..i don't know..as long as they say the magic words as sincerely as possible, then it's as genuine as the real thing]. hahahaha tanginang coincidence yan! either he's psychic, or he was just really really lucky.

he also got lucky with this girl i was having the hots for [oh come on! she's just really really hot like Marian Rivera hot!]. As it turns out, she actually digs me and she confessed that she's bisexual but close to being completely lesbian. What in bloody hell is going on here??? It's not yet April Fools just yet!!! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???? I think it was the plunging neckline that did it.

I think i'm going crazy right now... STOP THIS MADNESS PEOPLE!!!!

30 March 2009 @ 11:52 am

1. My whole back hurts.

It's kinda annoying already. I thought my back snapped back earlier at the gym but clearly it did not. To add more pain, I had to do house chores today cos our lesbian maid is on a day off.  Pacman, I need to pop 3 pills of your magical Alaxan FR. Although, I would really prefer 2 pills of Tylenol but of course my mom confiscated my bottle of that cos she thought I was a junkie already. I can't help it if every single time i take tylenol, she sees me.

2. I really think that Enzo will totally flip out when he gets my gift for our very first anniversary.

I can already see different scenarios and facial expressions inside my head. I get butterflies every time I do. I just can't wait!!!!

3. LJ is like the most paranoid person I know

It's over acting already. It's really pissing me off sometimes. I think he's really needy but of course I'm trying to be cool about it. I mean there are thousands of reasons why I'm not replying to his texts. I mean, kung gusto niya ko magreply sakanya, edi loadan nya ko. It doesn't mean that I'm angry. I mean, how could one assume that I'm angry? Di ako mababaw na person and when I'm mad, I say it straight to the person's face.

4. Aaron from Survivor China looks like Derek.


The top reason why I really don't want my parents and my boyfriend to meet is because...
My mom is gonna FIND ALL POSSIBLE FLAWS and whatnot of the person.

Yes I am somewhat relieved that we are legal but my God...
everyday she gives a reason for me to end the relationship.

Everything was great with Adrian. Okay that's because my mom loves him more than I do. oops correction! DID and not DO. Things aren't so great cos my mom hates Enzo.
And I really don't know what to do.
So I've decided to just let it be.
I will stop trying to convince my mom that Enzo is a great guy.
I will stop forcing Enzo to do nice stuff or something so that my Mom would love him.

17 February 2009 @ 08:01 pm
i mean really???
three freaking times???

we should really stop celebrating monthsaries if he's just gonna forget about them.

why am I so disappointed?

Cos I got my hopes up after telling me that it's not gonna happen again.
obviously, I was wrong.
Oh well. fuck monthsaries.

04 February 2009 @ 09:38 am
This season, I think what makes it the best is that all of the crews have their own flavor

except G.O.P Dance I guess. They were too... hmmm "normal" BBoys.
there was nothing fantastic about them but I respect them.

So here are my favorites:

Beat Freaks
Quest Crew
Strikers All Stars

What I'm afraid of with Strikers is that they might look the same after some episodes.
There's this sort of predictability factor about them.
Don't get me wrong, they have killer moves and sick choreography but then... it's what I was expecting from them. But I gotta admit, the monkey roll was so awesome!!!!

I love Beat Freaks cos they are not your usual All girl crew. They don't dance like girls. They dance like guys and they are really wicked on the dance floor! It may seem biased but I want them to win just because they're all girls and because they are willing to go outside their comfort zones like what they did in Britney Week.

Quest Crew is my favorite cos of Hok hahahaha man he's funny. Actually, they're all funny!! But what I love about them is their creativity and of course cos they're mixed asians and yeah some of them are pinoy. Geez sorry for indulging! So far, my favorite performance is from them. Toxic! They did their number blindfolded. Sobrang galing! naaliw ako as in.

I predict that they will be the final 3.

Next episode, I predict that the battle will be between Fly Khicks and Dynamic Edition.

The problem with Dynamic Edition is that they're too conservative. Okay I like their clogging but they're too..hmmm... "innocent"???? that's why they will probably go next episode. Let's leave it to the judges.

Fly Khicks? They're Cheerdancers of Miami Heat. Hmmm... I just don't know. I think there's no enough room for two all girl crews. It makes them look weak. Besides every episode, someone gets injured during their practices.

Ringmasters. I kinda like them. But the judges are right..... The bonecrushing might get old.


Team Millenia. Gosh, you will never be America's Best Dance Crew. There will always be better crews. Don't worry, you've improved a lot you know. Compared to last season.

Boxcuttuhz. This is a really cute crew. I like them actually. They were just... unlucky I guess.

G.O.P Dance. The other crews were just really way too good for you to handle. no hard feelings.

01 February 2009 @ 10:01 am
A friend and I fought about liking someone else other than you significant other.

Even thinking about the other person, he says, is counted as cheating.

i beg to disagree.
I think that we are all entitled to like someone else even if we have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
Hindi naman ibig sabihin nun ay nagsasawa tayo sa ating bf/gf.
Hindi naman ibig sabihin nun ay we are not satisfied.
It doesn't mean that our significant other doesn't suffice.
It just shows how imperfect we are and how our significant other is imperfect also.
We can't help but feel attracted to other people also.
After all, there are billions of hot people on this planet.

Even if we fantasize about an actor, he says, is not counted as cheating.
But he claims that if we fantasize about the person we actually like, we are cheating.

What's the difference??? They're still people! That's unfair.
So what if real life friend mo yung celebrity?? GOT YOU ON THAT ONE!

we went on and on and on.
and here is a perfect example that i gave him... about a special friend that I have for quite some time now... We've been friends for a long time pero we know [gut feeling lang namin haha!] that there's something between us... even though we never really said anything about it.
and this is what I said...

"i think there is something there. maybe it's because we used to have a thing for each other before and I guess that will never change???!!! I mean dba... parang we know something's up between us but we really never do anything about it. we just let the powers that be to decide our fate. back then he had someone and now i have someone. so yeah it really is a bummer in a way but that just says one thing..... at least for now: it's not meant to be. besides, we really are great friends. we're both mature people and we know where we stand."

It really isn't a felony to like someone else.
But the moment you do something about it, ayun.. edi cheating na.
and perhaps thinking about cheating on your significant other is part of the cheating process but not quite the act itself.

First of all, let me say this...


Imagining his fugly face makes me wanna throw up.

He told my mom that he was just...
"testing" me...

ano nga bang tingin mo sakin???
That I will go to your lame level?

Dude, I'm not nympho and desperate.

How old are you??? 37???? BINATA??? ULUL!!! MASGWAPO PA SI BENJAMIN BUTTON SAYO!!!


maspapatulan ko pa ang palaka kaysa sayo!!! hell, maspapatulan ko pa aso ko sayo noh!!

dude, isa kang panis na afritada!!! ISANG MILLENIUM NASA FRIDGE NA AFRITADA!!!!!

"Mahal sbhn m kng malapit kana labasan para sabay tau.. Mahal q anu sarap n sarap kb sa tete kng mlki, gus2 q mgkta n tau s personal para mlman m n tlga malaki ang tete q"

GROSS. i don't care if you have the biggest dick ever. just looking at your face makes me want to cut off your dick.

"kumain tau tapos, nuod ng cine, bhla n kng san pa tau magpunta ok ba sau?"

EEEEEW. IMPLYING MOTEL. PUTANGINA MO!!!! Like I would ever have sex with you. NO THANKS.

"Kapag natikman m aq hndi mo aq mkkalimutan, mlki tlga tete q hindi aq mayabng ngssbi lang me ng 22o sau ha. Wag ka sana mglit kng bastos ang txt q sau hon.."

YUCKKK. and you have the nerve to call me hon??? *VOMIT* hinding hindi mo ko makakalimutan pagkatapos kong hambalusin ng bote ang pagmumukha mo at ANG TETE MONG MALAKE!!!!

"Yung ang totoo. Lav kita. Ok lng sken kng hindi mo aq gusto, basta nasabi q n sau ang aking nararamdaman para sau.."

KADIRDIR. DUDE, LOVE???? SERIOUSLY???? you're gonna play that card????


18 January 2009 @ 07:14 am
i've been through this thousands of times already [well not really]
but I never seem to learn how to calm my nerves down
I always get nervous and whatnot.

Should I smile?
Won't I look weird??
Will my jaws hurt?
What will I say?
Don't forget your po's and opo's
What should I wear?
Never say 'Uhm'
Always be respectful

Moms and Dads like me.
For some reason?!
Well I only had one monster-in-law
Gawd she was a pain in the ass.

But all in all, they like me.

Though this is a fact, I can't help but feel nervous.

18 January 2009 @ 02:43 am
Parang kailan lang, eh sa mga mas matanda sakin at mga people in authority ang aking mga trip.

At kailan lang, i just want someone who is close to my age [3-5 years older]
na gwapings
na sexy
na hindi masyadong mayaman
na hindi masyadong mahirap
na matalino [not in the acads sense]
na funny
na masarap humalik [ay?!!!]
na hindi naman parang vienna sausage ang alam niyo na
na ako ang center ng galaxy nya
na magaling mag-ingles
etc etc etc

at narealize ko...
pag naaalala ko mga ex ko..
ako'y napapa..
















hay salamat.
maayos na ng konti ang buhay ko.
happy 9th monthsary Enzokins!

13 January 2009 @ 06:43 am
Jack Bauer is like... SO FRICKIN' HOTTTTTT!!!
and yeah I think Dark Side Tony is friggin hot too!!!!
I think I like Madame President too hehe!
shocking talaga yung kwento... haha! i so love it!!!
Currently downloading 2 new eps of 24...
Kyle XY Season 3 ep 1... GG and OTH fresh ep!!!
and I will watch FNL s03e12 like now... then HIMYM and Big Bang Theory afterwards... NEW EPS YEAHHHHH!!! haha grey's anatomy pa pala.. MY GAHD CAN'T WAIT FOR FRIDAY!!! NEW EP SUPERNATURAL!!! and probably smallville too!!!